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Descriptions of the different positions available at Riverside, Inc.

Motor Shop

Motor recondition includes:

  • Incoming inspection / testing (electrical & mechanical).
  • Dip & bake on stator windings in all class H varnish.
  • Rotor is precision dynamic balanced to Nema standards.
  • Bearings replaced with new / Babbitt bearing clearances checked and poured or puddled as needed then machined (In house) to specifications.
  • Outgoing testing and detail (electrical & mechanical).
  • Vibration signature can be requested on test run as well.

Motor rewind includes:

  • Incoming inspection / testing (electrical & mechanical)
  • Core loss on stator Random wound rotor / stator with all inverter duty wire and all class H materials.
  • 2 dip and bakes on rewinds in all class H varnish
  • Rotor is dynamic balanced to Nema standards
  • Bearings replaced with new / Babbitt bearing clearances checked and poured or puddled as needed then machined (In house) to specifications
  • Outgoing testing and detail (electrical & mechanical)
  • Vibration signature can be requested on test run as well

New motor replacement as well! We work directly with multiple manufacturers.

We also work on and repair gear boxes, centrifugal pumps, test submersible motors, breakers, panels, etc.

We are a member of EASA and Green Motor practices group.

Pump & Field Service Department

The Pump and Field Service Department at Riverside covers a wide range of repairs and preventive maintenance for many different industries; consisting of a full time 24/7 on call crew and a large variety of support equipment.

Pump department personnel are trained in all types of pump removal, installation, troubleshooting and repair. Technicians are also trained in electric motor troubleshooting, vfd and electrical maintenance, vibration analysis, thermal imaging, shaft alignment, and many more industry important skills.

Riverside’s pump and field service crew are allowed to do the finest job possible with industry leading support equipment. This includes a variety of boom trucks, derrick trucks, cable tool rigs, testing equipment, electrical testing equipment, and beyond to allow our technicians to troubleshoot and repair the most challenging problems in our industry.

With the combination of a highly trained and efficient crew and the best in support equipment our pump department can offer our customers the best service in the industry. These customers include but are not limited support agricultural, dairy, food processing, municipal water and sewage, mining, and more. Our customers appreciate the ability of Riverside to perform all maintenance and repairs in-house. With a full-service motor repair, machine shop, and well repair capabilities Riverside is 2nd to none in overall customer service and satisfaction.

  • 75 Ton Derrick Truck
  • 10 Ton Derrick Truck
  • 25 Ton National Boom Truck
  • 18 Ton Manitex Boom Truck
  • 18 Ton Manitex Crane
  • V-16 750 HP Detroit Test Engine
  • 1200 KW Detroit Gen-Set
  • 150 KW Cat Gen-Set
  • Full Service on-site welding and plumbing repair truck
  • Fluke Vibration Analysis Machines
  • Flir Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Multiple Vibr-Align laser alignment machines
  • Fluke Power Quality Analyzer
  • On site balancing equipment
  • Four gantry cranes ranging from 2-5 ton capacity
  • All necessary pump repair equipment.
  • All necessary pump removal/installation equipment

Machine Shop

Repair electric motor components:

  • Endbell bearing fits.
  • Rotor shaft bearing fits.
  • Rotor bar replacement.
  • Broken or bent shaft replacement.

Repair pump components:

  • Impeller and bowl wear ring replacement.
  • Manufacture new shafts.
  • Manufacture head nuts, couplers, and stretch nuts.
  • Repair or replace column and oil pipes.

Repair & manufacture hydroelectric components:

  • Runners, shafts, babbitt, and composite bearings.
  • Couplers, wickets, linkage parts, and bronze and composite bushings.

Weld & Fabrication Shop

Weld electric motor shafts, rotor bar replacement (Aluminum and Copper) braze/weld cast iron parts.

Cut and fabricate hydroelectric roller gate components embeds, gates, wheels and shafts, actuator, trash racks/rakes, bell mouths and draft tubes.

Fabricate and weld pipe for pump components.

Special Projects / Power & Energy

The Special Projects crew has over 60 years combined experience with installing and repairing generators and turbines. They have worked on power plants Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California. Riverside also offers a variety of field testing on turbines and generators from thermal imaging, field balancing, laser alignment, and vibration testing. We also offer maintenance work and repair services. The crew has years of experience with babbitt bearings from small repair to complete repowering and turning the bearings. The crew also has welding certifications for all types of welding (e.g. penstock , water piping, catwalks, and stairways installation).

Well Drilling

Riverside’s drilling division has been drilling water wells since the early 1970s. Riverside is licensed and bonded in Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada. With over 100 years of experience between the drillers. Riverside specializes in large diameter irrigation and municipal drinking water wells up to 1,500-Feet deep.

Drill Rigs:

  • 1977 Challenger 280 (60ton 120,000lb lift capacity)
  • 1969 Failing Jed-A (30ton 60,000lb lift capacity)

Air Rotary:

  • 1979 Schram 680H (30ton 60,000lb pull back, 350/750 air capacity)

Cable Rigs:

  • 1950 Speed Star 72
  • 1950 Bucyus Erie 20W

Test Equipment:

  • 1986 International A-Frame Turbine Truck (50ton 100,000lb lift capacity)
  • V16 Detroit Diesel Test Engine 800HP
  • High capacity pump bowls capable of 3,000-4,000GPM.
  • 500-Feet of 10-Inch pump column, Oil tube, and shaft.

Support Equipment:

  • 200 Kobelco Excavator
  • 325bl Cat Excavator
  • 580N Case Backhoe
  • 150/300 Sullivan Air Compressor
  • 150/300 Doosan Air Compressor

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